New K-9 joins sheriff's ranks

k9FPOASuperman's canine cohort Krypto travelled to Earth from the otherworldly Krypton.

Now the super dog's namesake has found his way to the floors of the Solano County jail.

Krypto, an energetic border collie and black labrador mix, is a brand-new member of the Solano County Sheriff's K-9 Unit. Just one year old, he's responsible for patrolling the jails in Solano County with his handler, correctional officer Russel Lopez.

Lopez and Krypto were certified two weeks ago to search areas of the jail for contraband: narcotics, cell phones, anything that poses a threat to the safety of inmates and officers in the jail.

The last dog to work in the jail, DUI (pronounced "duey") retired when his handler Brandi Aguilar was promoted to deputy sheriff six months ago. This left a vacancy for a new dog in the jail.

DUI had been rescued from a shelter, so sheriff's deputies started looking at rescuing another dog to fill his place. They looked at a lot of dogs before they found Krypto at Front Street Shelter in Sacramento in April.

Krypto's journey from Sacramento shelter dog to certified Solano County K-9 has taken several months of preparation. He spent a few months with a deputy while another selection process went on to find a permanent handler. Five officers applied for the handler position. After a long and sometimes tedious testing process, including an interview, Lopez was selected to work with Krypto.

Then it was time for handler and dog to get acquainted with each other.

By Jessica Rogness / The Reporter
Photo by Joel Rosenbaum
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