Four Fairfield police officers did not hesitate Wednesday morning to try to save a man they discovered hanging from a tree.

A 911 dispatcher received a call at 8:22 a.m. reporting that a man was hanging from a tree near a drainage ditch near the corner of Jefferson and Ohio streets.

Sgt. John Dugan and Officers Eric Aagard, Adam Brunie and Bob Wilkie got to the drainage ditch and spotted the apparent suicide victim on the other side of the ditch, which was filled waist-high with waste water described by their boss as “fetid.” They did not hesitate, jumped in, crossed the ditch, cut the rope and removed the unidentified 41-year-old Suisun City man to nearby flat ground. He was dead.

The officers quickly began performing CPR on the man and were able to restore his heartbeat. He was taken to NorthBay Medical Center, where he was reported to be in serious condition in the intensive care unit. The uniforms and gear worn by the officers were likely ruined by the fetid water, according to Lt. Greg Hurlbut.

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Posted: 9-21-11

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