By FPOA on Wednesday, 10 September 2014
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Fairfield Police make contract concessions

FAIRFIELD - Police officers have reached a deal that would result in at least nine layoffs this year, officials announced Monday. Members of the Fairfield Police Officers' Association voted in favor of the package, which would forego scheduled raises and increase the employees' share of their health care.

It could also lead to at least nine layoffs from the sworn ranks of officers, sergeants and lieutenants, said Human Resources Director Barbara Dillon. 'This is a combination agreement that combines concessions with cuts in order to reach the savings goal,' Dillon said. The deals will now go to the City Council on Jan. 19 to be finalized.

The Fairfield POA issued a statement announcing the deal and also calling for the city to spare its members. 'We made concessions at a critical time,' association President Kevin Carella said in a statement. 'We commit every day to protecting our community and we hope the (Fairfield) City Council will continue to help with that goal and refuse to lay off any police officers.

The number of layoffs could rise to 10 depending on whether the city can reach an agreement with the Fairfield Police Managers Association, which is still in talks. The specific cuts will be made from the ranks of the two police unions, Dillon said.

The announcement comes a week after the council signed off on deals with all its non-sworn employees. Those deals did not involve any layoffs but instead gave employees a 10 percent pay cut through a work furlough program.

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