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Ex con tries to flee

FAIRFIELD -10-25-11 — A parolee’s latest failed attempt to flee from Fairfield police ended with his arrest and the minor injury of one of the officers who arrested him.

Darrell L. Dickerson, 32, is very familiar to Fairfield cops. He has been arrested by several of them again and again for more than a decade. For police, a Dickerson arrest usually entails more than slapping on a pair of handcuffs, according to police reports and court records. Tuesday morning was no exception.

Someone called 911 around 11:40 a.m., reporting that two men were fighting near the corner of Kentucky and 2nd streets. One of the fighters may have had a baseball bat, the caller said, and there was also mention of a gun. Police got to the intersection and did not see a fight, but one officer saw Dickerson. Then he saw Dickerson take off running and jumping fences of nearby homes. Dickerson made it two blocks before cops snatched him on Harding Street.

The pursuing officer suffered a minor injury, was treated at NorthBay Medical Center and released. The officer’s minor injury adds potential major consequences for Dickerson, who faces up to six years behind bars. Without the injury to the officer, fleeing from police is a crime that typically carries a maximum punishment of a year in jail.

Dickerson, while on parole in 2009, tried unsuccessfully to flee from Fairfield police. He ran and hopped neighbors’ fences, but police had already surrounded the area. Dickerson was arrested after tumbling onto a neighbors’ cactus landscaping, being shot by an officer’s Taser gun and then being bitten by a police dog. Dickerson has previously been shot by police with Tasers and bitten by police dogs.

In 2007, Dickerson was shot three times with Tasers as several police officers arrested him at his wife’s apartment. He twice sued the Police Department for $5 million over the arrest. Twice his lawsuits were tossed.

In 2004, Dickerson was at the center of an eight-hour police standoff that was settled by a SWAT team.

In 2003, Dickerson fled from police and ran into a home, which was then surrounded by police. Dickerson surrendered after a few hours, shortly after a police dog found him hiding in a closet.

In 2000, Dickerson, then 20, got into a three-hour standoff with police that ended with police hosing him down with water and pepper spray.

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